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Friedrich hotel was built in 2006 on the site of the mid-18th century country mansion of Friedrich the Great. The king rarely visited Prussia, but when he arrived, he invariably stayed in the castle. Here he relaxed away from the bustle of state affairs, and indulged in his hobbies: discussed philosophy issues and played the flute for a few friends.

The interior of the hotel is designed to remind the guests of the epoch of Friedrich the Great, featuring portraits of prominent people of the 18th century, antique furniture, tapestries, and a fireplace, that create a romantic and solemn atmosphere.

Some East Prussian antiquities found during the construction can now be seen in the small museum in the territory of Friedrichshoff.

Friedrichshoff hotel is located in Amalienau, a historic district of Koenigsberg. In 1900–1920 years it grew fast as a prestigious area with villas and mansions, most of which have survived to the present day.

We also encourage you to stroll along Kutuzov, Pugachev and Red Streets, walk along Mira (Peace) and Pobedy (Victory) Avenues, see the ornate architecture of the early 20th century and feel the atmosphere of the City as a Garden, a concept that famous German architects tried to implement.